Lemon-Lime Natural Tooth Powder, Fluoride-Free
Lemon-Lime Natural Tooth Powder, Fluoride-Free
Lemon-Lime Natural Tooth Powder, Fluoride-Free
Lemon-Lime Natural Tooth Powder, Fluoride-Free
Lemon-Lime Natural Tooth Powder, Fluoride-Free
Lemon-Lime Natural Tooth Powder, Fluoride-Free

Lemon-Lime Natural Tooth Powder, Fluoride-Free

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  • No cavities and dental calculus confirmed by a dentist
  • Fluoride-free, SLS free, no foaming
  • Cleaner teeth after the first use
  • We add a gift to your order


My Rocky Dust natural tooth powder is a new standard in effective and natural oral care. It was created from the highest quality ingredients that nature provided us with.

Brushing your teeth with My Rocky Dust is much simpler than brushing with ordinary toothpaste. You do not need water to brush your teeth, No foam during brushing your teeth. You can brush your teeth not only in the bathroom but wherever you want (in the car, on a walk, in the cinema ...)

The ingredients of My Rocky Dust effectively remove discolorations after coffee, black tea, juice or red wine the first time, which makes the teeth shine and natural whiteness. My Rocky Dust is very gentle on the teeth and does not scratch the enamel because its ingredients dissolve under the influence of saliva. After brushing, the teeth remain smooth for hours because plaque does not accumulate so quickly.

Essential oils provide us with freshness in the mouth and anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

My Rocky Dust is an innovative product that will take care of freshness and oral health wherever you need and whenever you want!

Packing 30g lasts for 3 months - UP TO 220 - 240 APPLICATION


  • 220 - 240 applications and lasts for about 3 months
  • relieves tooth sensitivity
  • effectively removes plaque
  • slows down the formation of tartar
  • has anti-inflammatory effects on the gums and mouth
  • has antibacterial effect
  • has anti-caries properties
  • restores natural whiteness to teeth
  • regulates the pH and freshness of the oral cavity
  • fights cavities
  • ecological packaging, biodegradable
  • unprecedented interesting flavor compositions

By using My Rocky Dust lemon-lime powder, you will feel the scent and taste of lime, lemon and cinnamon enriched with mint. All essential oils used here create an interesting citrus flavor, which, thanks to the presence of a small amount of mint oil, delicately refreshes the mouth. It is a perfect taste for everyone who does not like the intense flavor of mint, but still likes to feel fresh.

This composition of flavors and aromas makes brushing your teeth a great pleasure.



Set the toothpaste aside, which foams and you only need to use it in the bathroom.

Use My Rocky Dust which doesn't need water to brush your teeth and refresh your mouth. Get used to the fact that we only dip a DRY toothbrush (bamboo, electric or sonic) into the My Rocky Dust and the powder will stick then brush our teeth as usual, for 2-3 minutes. Do not worry that during brushing a lot of salivae is produced - this is how it should be, saliva dissolves and distributes the powder components. It also contributes to the strengthening and mineralization of enamel, prevents tooth decay and flushes out food residues from the mouth. After brushing our teeth, we spit out saliva. We only rinse the toothbrush!


xylitol **, Klodawa salt, calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, unrefined coconut oil **, lemon essential oil *, lime essential oil *, stevia extract *, peppermint essential oil *, cinnamon essential oil *.



* Certified organic ingredients
** Eco-certified ingredients

! Information for allergy sufferers, includes: Limonene, Cinnamal, Linalool, Eugenol, Geraniol, Benzyl Benzoate.

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